Earth is

10,000 survivors from different walks of life, depicted in a world affected by climate change. This is the not-so-distant future that scientists warned us about. Be part of a digital art movement with an ecological agenda. Join our global community.

TBA* * To be Announced
Release Date

Road Map

2022 Sold Out
  • - Monthly ArtDrops
  • - $ClimateChangeToken
    launch & airdrops
  • - YouTube Channel
    (post-apocalyptic survival)
Art Drop
  • - E-bike/e-scooter collab
  • - Funding eco-friendly
    art & tech projects
EcoArt + Tech
  • - Play-and-Earn,
    RPG-simulation type blockchain game in a post-apocalyptic setting
  • - Game launch
  • - Creating an eco-village for our community
Eco Village

We make up for our carbon footprint.

We are aware that blockchain protocols require lots of power to operate. To compensate for that, we are going to plant 10,000 trees shortly after the launch. We are also donating 10% of our total revenue for the protection and rebuilding of natural habitats. 5% of our community wallet will be used to fund eco-art projects and green tech innovations around the globe. And lastly, our distinct art style and narrative serve as a tool that serves a greater purpose: raising awareness about climate change.

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Find your favorite survivor


Don't worry, here is a brief guide for you;

What is "minting"?
Minting an NFT means creating a unique digital asset on the blockchain. In our case, you would be generating a unique Survivor that is unlike any other!

What is the difference between "minting" and "buying" an NFT?
When you "mint" an NFT, you bring it into existence through the magic of smart contracts.
When you "buy" an NFT, you are paying for a unique digital asset that somebody else has minted earlier.

How can I mint a CCS NFT?
You can “mint” a survivor only on our website. To mint a survivor, first connect to our site using your MetaMask wallet. Then hit the “mint now” button. The button will be available during the sale.

What happens after minting?
Once you mint it, you have total control over what happens to your Survivor. You can HODL on to it to receive token & airdrop awards in the future. It is also possible to view your survivors inside the “My Survivors” tab on our website. If you decide to part ways with your survivor, you can connect to OpenSea using your wallet. There, you can list or auction your NFT and sell it for a price you like.

What happens if I miss the minting period?
Don’t worry! You can still buy your Survivor NFTs on OpenSea. But note that free market will dictate their price once our Survivors embark upon their adventures.

A unique and unalterable digital asset on the blockchain whose origin and ownership can be proven transparently.
CCS is a digital art project that depicts humanity’s indifference towards global warming and its future consequences in a playful and ironic manner.
+Monthly NFT ArtDrops from talented artists around the world +$ClimateChangeToken airdrops +Access to a 4K version of your NFT for your decorative needs +Check other benefits on here.
Climate Change Survivors not only favors the NFT ecosystem with its ambitious roadmap but also takes a direct approach in supporting the planetary ecosystem through funding environmental NGOs and individual artists & entrepreneurs who share similar values.
All you need to do is to connect your MetaMask wallet to our website and click the “Mint” button during the minting period. Note that you will need to have enough Ethereum inside your wallet to cover the NFT + gas fee. Don’t worry, we will prepare a detailed minting guide for you soon!
We are a versatile group of successful entrepreneurs with backgrounds in art, computer science, marketing, communication, and linguistics. Together we make up a unique think-tank with enthusiasm for blockchain technologies, NFT culture, and planetary ecosystem.
We are focusing on building our community and increasing our potential reach for now. The exact date is to be announced, but you can expect to meet your own survivors in Q2 2022!
The majority of the CCS collection has been allocated for the community members. You can follow our Twitter & Instagram accounts and join our Discord channel to become a part of the community. Stay tuned on our Discord channel and other social media accounts to not miss your spot for the whitelist and other raffles.
10,000 unique survivors - including the very special, extremely rare Evolved ones!
The price is to be announced but don't expect massive prices.
We want to make sure nobody is left behind, so there is a limit of 2 survivor NFTs per wallet during the pre- sale. This limit will increase to 20 NFTs per wallet during the public sale


Entrepreneur, Business Designer
Founder of 3 creative agencies. Former YouTube Partner with over 7 billion hour watch-time. Received ₺5M to the first startup. 1 successful exit.


Linguist, Consultant
Localization manager at one of the world’s leading crypto wallet companies. Blockchain enthusiast. Crypto investor. Creative writer. Gamer.


Global senior art director at one of the biggest creative agencies in the world. Holder of 80 awards. Designer of the Year three times in a row.


Former lead designer at the best designing company in Europe. Holder of 20 awards including AIGA Gold Medal.


Design Lead
Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer Developed TR’s first game engine, first VR/AR middleware and the first simulation image generator. His company provides services to major defence companies.


Tech Lead
Creative Director
Experience in the biggest global creative agencies. Won the Golden Lion at Cannes in his first year in advertising.


Marketing Lead
Engineer, Strategy Analyst
5 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. Currently works as Strategy & Business Analyst.


Strategy Lead
Digital Marketing Expert
Sales & Partnerships team leader in the largest local SEO & performance company. Former Market Manager of Paymentwall.


PR Lead
Community Manager
Business developer in global crypto & blockchain technology companies since 2017. TA & FA analyst. Digital nomad. Nature-lover. Manga translator.


Community Lead